Thinking about joining Kiwanis?


What you will get out of Kiwanis…

Most prospective members, particularly those who are making their mark in the business world, are curious as to what they might expect through membership that would serve their professional lives.  Of course, an immediate benefit would include the “net working” one might experience through the weekly luncheons.  Some might even catch a sales lead or referral.  But the thoughts of getting rich quickly through Kiwanis membership are about as well based as getting rich quick by sending out sales proposals to strangers.  It just doesn’t happen.

What one could expect through Kiwanis membership is an opportunity to join with others of all ages, temperaments, intellect, race, color, creed and gender; all business and professional backgrounds; Kiwanians from our club and others in our area and across the world. You will find members who share a desire to serve others, to be well informed citizens; and to be part of a team that enjoys a tradition of service and a record going back almost one hundred years that stands as a pillar of strength and confidence in our mission and a challenge to continue to build on that record. You will have the opportunity to experience and enjoy building relationships that will last as long as you like, but that will be yours alone and sometimes difficult to describe but well known to your brothers and sisters in your club.  You will find that Kiwanis will be here for you forever.  It will be one of the few “constants” in your life.  For sure, some “business” will come your way through Kiwanis.  After all, when someone trusts you as a valued team member, they will trust you to serve them well in whatever it is that you might do professionally.  And they will ask you for your (professional) help whenever appropriate.  But the person you will become through the Kiwanis experience will serve you in other ways, including bolstering your self confidence, learning from others by example and by working together and leadership skills.  You will add to your cadre of confidants who will always be willing to lend an ear and offer whatever thoughts might be appropriate of your request; ready to point you in “the right direction” or to the right person.

When others learn that you are a member of our club, they will stand in awe, wondering how you “can do it all”, as they think of what they may know about our service to the community.  But as a member, you will see how the power of our thinking and teamwork, our “can do” attitude, our resolve to do whatever we can in the most efficient and expeditious manner, by thinking and working together can pull off miracles.  By the same token, you will also experience how we will stand shoulder-to-shoulder and perform the labor intensive work such as feeding kids at our Christmas Party, walking the ponies at our picnic, cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs for whomever the children might be, etc. etc. that while infrequent, are part of the team building experiences that help us to know our members all the better.

You would also enjoy the cyclical experience that I enjoyed decades ago of building a club of my peers, close friends from childhood through the present, personal and business relationships not as close but which will blossom in time.  I can’t tell you how many members I have sponsored over the years, many of whom are still active members.  That’s a somewhat self-serving process, picking your own fellow members, but it’s such a rewarding experience too.  Other young members are doing the same thing and the melding of all those “close friends of someone” provide an immediate trust and solid relationship opportunity for all members young and old to enjoy.


Tom Enright

President, 2013-2014