The Hixson Award is the highest honor a Kiwanis Club can bestow on a member.                  It is presented in honor of the member's service to his club and our community.


Hixson Recipients as of January, 2014:
John C Aspinwall III (10/7/2004)
Mark B Barbrow (3/22/2001)
Hon. Hal J. Bonney, Jr.  (6/2/2011)
Allen K Clark (3/30/2008)
Edward O Davis (7/30/2007)
Carol B Fentress (3/22/2001)
William H Gatling (6/14/1989)
Chester B Gifford (8/1/2002)
Thomas L Hardin (12/2/2009)
David L. Harlow (2014)
John P Harlow (8/30/2005)
Julian F Hirst (5/21/2001)
Kerry C Jordan (3/22/2001)
James J McBride (9/30/1998)
Edward H Post (5/25/2005)
James G. "Jake" Price (1/3/2011)
H Vaughan Privett (3/22/2001)
John F Small III (3/22/2001)
John F Small Jr (5/13/1997)
Tazewell G Taylor (3/22/2001)
Kay Thomas (5/27/1998)
Kavanaugh Y Thrift (5/9/1990)
C E "Pete" Thurston Jr (4/14/1986)
E. Wallace Timmons (6/2/2011)
Robert J Veith (12/18/1986)

Congratulations to the newest members to join this select list of individuals.












The Honorable Hal Bonney (2nd from left) and Earl "Wally" Timmons (4th from left),
were honored with Hixson awards in 2011  for their many years of dedicated service to Kiwanis. Also pictured (from left) are Past Presidents Debbie Stitzer-Brame and Gary Mackey, and Wally's family, daughter,  Jennifer Timmons and wife,Nancy Timmons. 


James G. "Jake" Price is presented with the Hixson award from Mayor Paul Fraim and
Club President Jim Hart, for his years of dedicated service to the Kiwanis Club of Norfolk.  Past President John Harlow is in the foreground.